/Taking care of our hands is important since we use them so much in day to day life. We want them to be attractive and functional down o the fingernails. Strong and healthy nails are attractive and a sign of good hygiene and care. Many of us, though, suffer from brittle weak nails that are unappealing and unsightly. Learn how to grow strong nails and keep them healthy with some simple guidelines.

Step 1

Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or engaging in other activities that require your hands be in water much of the time. Excessive soaking of your nails can cause them to dry out and become brittle.

Step 2

File your nails in one direction only .If you file in a back and forth motion it can cause your nails to split. Round the tips of your nails rather than making them pointed so they will be less likely to break.

Step 3

Use fresh emery boards on your nails and do not share them with others. Germs can collect on the boards which can lead to infection.

Step 4

Moisturize your nails with a thick cream once daily. Do so after all your activities are completed and your hands are at rest for best results.

Step 5

Use a cuticle oil and a nail hardener to help protect nails. These products are available from drug stores and beauty shops.

Step 6

Keep your cuticles pushed back to help care for your nails. Soak your hands prior to pushing them back and do so at a 45 degree angle rather than straight across.

Step 7

Increase the amount of zinc in your daily diet to help make your nails healthy. You can do this by eating a hardboiled egg and a glass of milk to your breakfast or lunch.

Step 8

Break the nail biting habit as this is likely the most damaging thing you do to your nails on a regular basis. Enlist a buddy to remind you and “catch” you in the act when you do it without thinking. You can also invest in a bitter polish to help you keep your fingers out of your mouth.


Polish your nails weekly to help keep them pretty and protected.

Do not use removers containing acetone as this chemical can weaken your nails.

Be vigilant about watching out for nail infection. See a doctor if there are any changes in the color of your nails or if unevenness or other changes occur.

Make Your Fingernails Strong and Healthy