This year something else became a law in Pittsburgh. When you are driving and it is raining and you put on your windshield wipers, now you much also put on your headlights. Driving in the rain without putting on your headlights can and will get you a fine. Starting this January you must put on your headlights when you are driving in the rain. Be sure that you do and you can save some of your money. The last thing you want is a fine for either not knowing about the new law or not following it. It just passed this year, so remember turn the headlights on at the first sign of rain and then you won’t have to worry.

So for a rule of thumb, if you are driving and it is raining, put on the headlights and don’t forget. This way you will always be safe as you travel about the Pittsburgh area. It is just another thing that you must be aware of when you are driving in and around the Pittsburgh area. Be sure that you pay special attention to it and make sure that you follow all the rules of the road when you are in the city of Pittsburgh. The rules are there for a reason and they must be followed.

The law passed in the beginning of the year and it seems that many people do not know that the law has passed. When it is raining you still see many cars without their headlights on. To be fair, perhaps some of the people don’t know that it is now a law. Maybe they don’t know that when it is raining and you have to have your windshield wipers on that your headlights must also be on. Hopefully they will know soon, because today there would have been many citations given. It rained and lots of people did not have their headlights on. As it seemed, one out of every three cars did not have their headlights on. Though, I didn’t see the police out in full force enforcing the new law, it is only a matter of time. So remember, that now when you are driving in and around the Pittsburgh area and it is raining, please put the headlights on. Follow the rules that they give in the city of Pittsburgh and you will save yourself some money. It is the law.


New Law: Car’s Headlights Must Be On When Raining in Pittsburgh