In a society where a photo ID is required to for actions ranging from cashing a check to buying a six pack of beer, requiring one to perform one of the most solemn acts in a democracy, voting, seems only sensible.

The argument that, in the state of Texas, Hispanics are less likely to have a photo ID than Anglos is not persuasive. How many of these Hispanics who lack a photo ID are actually registered voters, not to mention legally in the country? The studies being cited by the Justice Department do not provide this information.

The integrity of elections is one of the most important things that should be defended in a democracy. A vote by someone who is not qualified to vote is a theft from people who are qualified to vote.

Voter fraud has been a fact of life in Texas since Lyndon Johnson stole the 1948 Senate race. Claims that such cases are rare today are not persuasive against a photo ID law. If murder were rare, measures to prevent that crime would still be relevant and necessary. That is true for voter fraud as well.

One Texan’s Support for a Voter Photo ID Law