/A garden is an endless source of pleasure for those who love gardening. It’s a place to get away from your worries and tensions. Lush green and colorful flowers or growing vegetables are sure to lift your spirits. Following are some tips that might be helpful if you are just getting started setting up your garden.

  1. Keep your garden weed free and insect free for a healthy garden that is welcoming to you, your children,your grandchildren, or whomever you choose to share your special place with.
  2. Plant a garden that is easy and within your means to keep. Planting an extensive garden will take extensive care to maintain it. When it becomes more of a chore than a pleasure, you know you have overdone it.
  3. Before you buy your plants, ensure that the soil is ready for planting. There’s nothing worse than buying your new plants and then not being able to plant them because you have done nothing to prepare the soil.
  4. When buying new plants, make sure they are healthy. Some nurseries will put plants on sale that appear to be only half alive. They might seem like a tempting bargain, but unless you have a green thumb, probably many of these plants will not make it. Make sure your new plants are green, healthy, and have signs of new growth on them.
  5. You might want to decorate your garden in a variety of ways. Earthen figures or ornamental clay pots add a nice touch to decorating a garden. Or perhaps a pile of stones well placed at a corner of the garden would add a unique look.
  6. Buy yourself a good, sturdy set of gardening tools. Without good tools, making the garden becomes a difficult task. And you don’t want to lose interest before you have your plants in the ground.
  7. Kneeling can take a toll even on the most fit person. Sometimes investing in strap on knee pads or a knee pad that you place on the ground and kneel on is worthwhile.

Gardening can be an extremely relaxing hobby. You can build yourself a reading area in or near your garden which can be a pleasurable escape from reality. To see something you have planted grow and become more beautiful with each passing day will make you smile. And if you have planted vegetables, to enjoy the cooked fruits of your labor is unsurpassable.

Seven Gardening Tips for a Beautiful Garden
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