With the presidential elections coming up I began to wonder about the qualifications. As this thought passed through my ever curious mind, I found that there is one very important qualification missing. It is a qualification that should be known as the (Janitorial Experience). In order to have this as a qualification, we must first have it as a law, therefore I have written
this article to inform people of why a janitorial law should be enforced.

The law should read as follows: anyone person applying for a political chair must have four years of janitorial experience.

When applying for a janitorial position one must have these qualification.
1. Be a high school graduate/ GED. College, Treading Course or others are optional.
2. Be 18 years of age or older.
3. Be bonded
4. A citizen of the U.S.A.

The reason for the education is so that when a person in the janitorial position is requested to preform an act of duty, he/she will understand the request. There is also the belief that a person with at least 4 years of high school, is capable of communicating with those he/she is working with. Which is a plus to everyone. 18 years of age is a legal matter when it comes to hiring someone for full time work. It also protects both employer and employee. Being bonded provides thee employer with legal proof that the employee is not a thief. Which in the case of a janitor is very important. These people in such a position have full excess to the company store. They are trusted with the keys from the front door to the back door. They have access to the funds for purchasing supplies. It is the belief of those who hire them that they will make the right choice wisely. It is also a show of respect by the employee, and gives confidence to the employer.

Once the janitor is on the job, those that work indirectly with him/her, come to rely on them. Which leads to the diplomatic manner of the janitor. The reason this occurs, is because all of those that work within the company store come to think that the janitor is there for their benefit. Which is true, and leads to the assumption that the janitor will fit it, and in most cases they do, and they do so with a pleasing attitude. They are diplomatic.

It is because of these qualities that the janitor learns thee importance of being economical, the need to solve problems with satisfactory results to all concerned, and thee ability to keep the company in the best position to advance with success.

Now the only three qualifications one person needs to enter the elections for Presidency are as follows:
1. Must be 35 years of age on the day of inauguration.
2. Have lived in the United States for 14 years
3. Be a natural born citizen of the United States.

Yes there are unwritten qualifications, such as he/she should have an education, should be knowledgeable of economics, and should understand the need of being diplomatic. Now that does sound good, but the point being, they are not required to hold any of these qualities to run for the top office of the United States.

We also have learned in history that because of our neglect to back check all those who run for office, we have placed thieves in the white house, we have found some to be greedy, we have also become accustom to being mislead by double talkers.
All of this should tell the American voters, even myself, that we need a janitor whom has proven that they can be trusted, and not another high priced under achiever whom has bought their way into office. Shouldn’t the one who is leading the troops into a satisfying for all out come, have the ability of being diplomatic? After all, when one speaks with the janitor he or she accepts to receive an answer at the time of the question. Not to be told, I’ll get back to you, or, you can only ask the questions you have been provide with. A janitor doesn’t have a staff writer who is paid to make his sound intelligent, they just need to know how to answer the question.

So what this all boils down to is one major fact, we the people want to make certain that there is always enough toilet paper to wipe up are behind, but we aren’t smart enough to prevent the mess in the first place. Remember that the janitor understands there are only solutions and not problems. A candidate always says, I can fix the problem.

There are three solutions that would eliminate their problems.
1. Remove greed, and you have sharing.
2. Remove envy, and you have fairness.
3. Show humanity, and you will have humbleness.

Now, let’s get out there and vote for the “Janitorial Law”. After all, who among us does not prefer a clean toilet?



The Janitorial Law