If you’re like most of us, every year is a healthy year, or for some it is for success, or love. This article is not going to state the obvious resolutions towards a healthier New Year, but instead remind us all about the simple healthy choices we make everyday, like the products we have in our our very own homes.

This new year, take a good hard conscious look inside your own home, with the help of this list, and at what you put inside, your very own body. Use your brain, to feed your soul. Remember to exercise! Here is a real life guide for real life new year use…

  1. The coffee, espresso, and teas: in moderate amounts. I drink American coffee, Latin American espresso, and lots of teas, with Black teas having the most caffeine. Alcohol is also in this subject, in moderate amounts. A glass of Red Wine, is good for your heart.
  2. A daily vitamin: very impt. Find the one you want, based on price and availability, and the one you need, based on your doctors recommendations for your physical wellbeing. This is not a supplement to what you eat.
  3. Any vitamin supplement; mens, womens, and children at an approved age. Omegas and Calcium, and vitamin D and C, are impt. for all. We also use Echinacea for immunity, and Ginseng for energy. We drink an Omega in our water on the weekends, and chew Vitamin C when we travel.
  4. Our children’s medicine, and other adult daily doses: like an Ibuprofen for adults, or Tylenol baby liquid, or baby Aspirin chew-ables — are for adults as well, in fruity flavors. This brings me to pain medicines, and homeopathic treatments. Aches and Pains can be soothed with rubs, hot and cold, and or ergonomic products. Eating right is essential to your overall health.
  5. Plus good digestion is key. Also key: mints, and or gum; this is for teeth whitening, cavity protection, healthy teeth and gums, and good breath.
  6. Also, don’t forget that keeping the health of your skin in good shape, is a sign of your overall healths wellbeing. ex. lip balm is an essential in all climates, for all genders and ages, also moisturizer, and SPF, like aloe. And drink your milk, also stand up straight, and eat more frequent smaller meals.
  7. Also always recycle, and try natural, or organic. I also recommend preferably (natural) feminine products, and (reusable) diapers wipes etc., but it depends on the individual, the family, and the home.
  8. An antibacterial spray, lotion, or at least a wipe, for travel, and daily hand washing. This is also essential with kids, especially when dining out, or around other not-so-healthy kids.
  9. Check out your herbs and spices and seeds: like for women including flax seeds, sesames, ginger; garlic and cumin powder for the whole family. Also check out your cooking oils, like virgin olive oil, and other cooking essentials. And check out how you cook your food like meats, and prepare your food like skinned fruits and veggies in a sanitary way.
  10. And check out your Daily Food Pyramid: bread, meat, fish, your fruit and your veggies. Check where you get that food. Drink 8-10 glasses of H20 a day. For juice: fruit or veggie juice, whatever you need to supplement your daily intake of food. All water: filtered water, if so, bottled. (Please recycle, and don’t reuse your drinking bottles. Check your baby bottles, and sippy cups too.)

Note: I am not a health nut, just a woman and a writer. I “take two of these and call in the morning”. I do not only eat organic, veggie or vegan. I try to eat a Mediterranean Asian diet, but also love American Caribbean grill. We are a new family, who vaccinates our children, that and I only dabbled in making my own a baby food. We try to be a green home. I am up on my nutritional intake, as in my vitamin supplements. I try to work out like most.

You can also find out more in depth “healthy” product reviews. There was a sneak peek inside my very own home, in hopes that it helps you all make your Healthy List for your own New Year.

(The Real Life) Top 10 Guide to (Healthy Foods and More) 2020 New Years Resolutions
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