They may not be new, but here the top ten health foods for 2020. If you are like me and my family, and well, the rest of the world, the start of the New Year also signals a fresh start. This year I wanted to focus on eating healthfully, not just starving myself. As a result, I have come up with a list of the top ten health foods for the New Year.

Concentrated Tart Cherry Juice– My dad and my aunt started drinking concentrated Cherry Juice diluted in water. You can pick this super healthy drink up at any health food store. My dad swears it helps combat his gout flare-ups, and my aunt says that it helps with her arthritis. Not just those who suffer from gout or arthritis down this beverage because apparently athletes drink concentrated Cherry Juice to relieve post-workout pain.

Pumpkin Puree-High in fiber and quite tasty. I have recently started trying to find ways to incorporate pumpkin puree in my diet. Just this week, I mixed a can of pumpkin puree with lowfat yogurt and cinnamon. What a tasty and nutritious treat. Pumpkin packs a healthy punch!

Roasted and Milled Flax seed-Flax Seed is packed with Omega-3s, lignans, and fiber. The best part of this health food is you can sprinkle it on unhealthy things like… ice cream!! Ease the guilt of eating ice cream by adding some goodness to it. I like to add flax seed to my chocolate chip cookies, so I don’t feel so horrible eating them.

Raw Wheat Germ– Like flax seed, wheat germ can be added to other foods. I use it to bread chicken, as a filler in meatballs, to bake cookies, and to make smoothies. Wheat Germ has not only fiber, but folic acid and vitamin E. This is a great food for pregnant or soon to be pregnant women.

Whole Wheat Flour-Again, this is a easy swap from your regular Bleached White Flour, and the benefits are worth it. That way you can make your cookies and eat them, too. Whole Wheat Flour is a good source of fiber.

The skin on cucumbers-Really, the skin on cucumbers. For years, I have been eating cucumber with the skin peeled off. I have since discovered that the skin contains all the nutrients of this favorite on the crudités platter. The skin of the cucumber is full of tons of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C, A, magnesium, potassium, and fiber are just few found hanging out in the skin of a cucumber.

Coffee-Yup, another shocking new healthy food. It reduces the risk of Parkinson disease, type 2 diabetes, as well of colon cancer.

Dark Chocolate– Go ahead, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy a square of dark chocolate. It has been found to reduce blood pressure, and besides that it tastes great. Who says eating healthfully has to taste bad?

Blueberries-Eat them for the benefits in the future. It is believed that blueberries increase cognitive function and decrease the chance of memory loss (

Prunes-They aren’t just for old people. Besides being rather tasty, they help with constipation. They, like blueberries, are believed to decrease the chance of memory loss ( So, eat those prunes, so when you are old you won’t forge

The Top 10 New Health Foods for 2020
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