/2020 brings a new decade and an opportunity to enhance lessons learned from the past. These foods are heavy in the vegetable/fruit category. Feel free to add in your favorite game bird, or four footed creature. Thanks to research by the National Center for Complementary Alternative Medicine at the National Institute of Health.

This tropical fruit in the past has suffered a bad reputation. Transdermally, coconut absorption can be as effective medicinally as when eaten. Thai food recipes for Tom Kha soup use coconut in ways that comfort and soothe. Fresh young coconut when available has potassium for active exercisers. Coconut oil makes luscious popcorn.

The best of Brazilian superfoods, here comes, Acai, with it’s varied phonetic transmutations. The anti-oxidant power captured in a tonic that fights and prevents cancer growth. Consume as much as you like of this berry. It’s filling quality makes no assumptions about your past indulgences with processed fast food sandwiches.

Often touted as a cure for vomiting, ginger cools an inflamed being. Too much emotional baggage from a decade of political and social unrest? Pacify those “seeing red” moments with a cup of ginger tea, or try using ginger in your juicer for a quick bite in the sweetness of a fruity cocktail.


Eat your greens! Seriously, this plant is so prolific you cannot wonder about all its uses. Kale pesto, kale cheese dip, kale bread stuffing; these are only the tip of iceberg that supports eating more of the green stuff. The diversity of species for kale makes finding one to grow in your climate a relatively easy endeavor.

Sushi continues to be a favorite dining past time in cosmopolitan meccas worldwide. Fish oil has been given new consideration for heart health, and those sad days of no sunshine. Try all colors and flavors of this spicy fish egg and choose your new favorite this year.

In the age of food allergy assumptions and questionable sources, a pasta safety net is the quinoa grain. When soy, wheat, dairy or nut allergies drive you away from accessing enough carbohydrates, try the baking friendly quinoa. Spicy salad mixes make quick side dishes for lunches, although the theme for this decade is more humble and less frenetic in the land of healthy living.

Again, with the greenery! Raw foods and spinach have become terrific friends. Low iron in your blood and folate deficiency is easily boosted with spinach. Spinach grows hardy and harvests soon for mass production. Popeye that sailorman knew a trick or two after all.

This delicate tangy fruit is prized as a woman’s essential. The glory of this fruit is its chemistry. They contribute to a more alkaline PH in your body’s ecosystem. This inhibits growth of bacteria or infections keeping your immune system healthy. It can’t be all that bad for males either.

Back to black. We’ve argued and harangued (enough already) over the value of coffee. It’s a go on taking this nectar of the gods into the new decade. Robust flavors and fair-trade roasters support economic growth to small villages, both here and abroad.

Maple Syrup
A sweetener described as something old, something new by way of our native history. The good old standby for sugar is a northern tradition, which in so many ways is perfect and beyond refinement. The expense will repay itself in this clever tree medicine that clearly enhances any plain, dry breads or whole grains. Forget pancakes, syrup is essential in sauces, salad dressings, and yes, even chicken barbecue.

Top 10 Health Foods for 2020
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