Some people drop their interest in a garden when the snows of winter come or when the grass turns brown and it doesn’t come back for awhile. This time of dormancy can be a great time to plan what your garden and outside landscaping are going to look like when warm temperatures return. Use the plan time wisely and you will be thrilled with the appearance of the results.

Once good place to start is to consider what type of family activities will be located near the garden site. Some families like to have a volleyball court or a badminton court close at hand. These require some extra room to allow for the chasing of errant balls and bad-minton birds. Or maybe you have a patio that would need extra space when guests gather around for an outdoor meal. Also, walkways to these sport areas should be planned so as to avoid the garden area.

What kind of garden is being planned? It is for flowers or perhaps a butterfly garden. Some people want the garden to be a food source while others Set a clear goal for your garden even If you must divide it into sections to include all you want or maybe to satisfy participating family members. Nearby trees or planned planting of trees should be brought into the planning because of the shade generated and the trees need for nutrients. Do a small survey of what is already present in the garden area like a vine covered latticework that could block the view of the flowers in the garden.

Will there be dogs or other pets likely to frequent the garden area? Having a way to prevent pets from damaging plants could be important.

Make a choice of what kind of materials you intend to use. Wood is always decorative but is sometimes costly and can deteriorate quickly in some conditions whereas a plastic will be cheaper and probably last longer. Is assembly convenience and function more important than appearance? Planning will help you end up with a satisfying and practical structural support for your gardening efforts.

The overall appearance of a garden can be decided by how things are fitted together according to size. Two identical bushes placed side by side is less interesting than two bushes of different but similar heights. A garden perimeter made up of railroad ties along with a wooden fence makes an appealing sight. However, a chain link fence is very functional but lease pleasing to view. Put things together that are complementary. If you have doubt, consult a local nursery or search the internet for some ideas.

Even when things are matched, most of us like to see a little variety. A good way to do this is to use different colors. Dark green shrubs can be brightened up by a light green ground cover.

Garden tools are available for almost any garden activity. Knowing what you need is a good thing to think about and plan for. Once again, the internet is a good place to search for different kinds of tools with a minimum of effort. Also, prices can be located on the internet and compared to local store prices, allowing or a potential of some savings. Good quality tools are usually the best value, so don’t scrimp on tool prices.

Taking pictures of a new garden area “before” and “after” is a happy slide show for many people. The pictures are helpful if you decide that year two of your garden will be a little different from year one. And of course your distant relatives may have an interest in what you’ve been doing with your garden space.

Sunlight is critical to plant growth so you must plan for the location of the most light demanding plants to have several hours of sunlight available. Think about how low in the sky that the sun traverses in the area where you live. Also, the location of your trees or a neighbors trees can affect where you place your garden.

There are quite a few choices to be made when planning a garden. Starting early is really a good idea so all or most of the bases can be touched. Starting early also gives you time to make changes as your plan develops. Plan with excitement and it will show in your growing plants.

Why Planning is Crucial in Garden Design
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