The Law of Attraction Rules: Relationships

Have you ever ever been in one relationship after another solely to finally uncover that you’ve got relationship the identical individual only in a different body? When you carry emotional baggage (typically unintentionally) from one relationship to the next, repetition occurs. This is where the Law of Attraction can break the vicious cycle.

Building a robust foundation of relationship ideas can information you on an intentional path to finding someone new. It’s also useful for bettering a current relationship as well.

Two focal areas are:
§ Take charge of you
§ Focus of what you have already got

With a purpose to perceive relationships and Law of Attraction you have to be clear about your intentions. In essence, it’s good to think about your intentions earlier than you truly start your search.

Building an intentional path begins with you. The Law of Attraction states “like attracts like.” That straightforward precept clears the way for you. So, write down the qualities you respect and want in a relationship. Now, ask yourself if you happen to hold those self same qualities or are working to realize them.

Typical knowledge claims that ‘opposites attract.’ Nonetheless, the Law of Attraction proves otherwise. While there are various examples of couples complementing one another, the weakness is that you may be unintentionally attracting someone with great qualities however you could be unwilling to switch or change your private qualities.

One other key subject is abundance vs. the shortage of it. Whereas considering the qualities of a possible relationship are very important, so are the sentiments of abundance. It’s necessary to have clear intentions about what you want. It is usually relevant to know the way you understand what you already have. Should you really feel a way of abundance now, then that is what you’ll attract. If you happen to emotionally feel a lack, that is what will manifest subconsciously in your relationship. The lack you are feeling will doubtless thwart goals to draw abundance.

Concentrate on what you already have. Be thankful for family and friends, small and big things. Appreciate even the slightest encounters. Develop healthy relationships which fulfill different aspects of your lives. These appeal to an increasing number of positive experiences. Opening yourself to what the universe has to supply attracts more optimistic back to you.


(The Real Life) Top 10 Guide to (Healthy Foods and More) 2020 New Years Resolutions

If you’re like most of us, every year is a healthy year, or for some it is for success, or love. This article is not going to state the obvious resolutions towards a healthier New Year, but instead remind us all about the simple healthy choices we make everyday, like the products we have in our our very own homes.

This new year, take a good hard conscious look inside your own home, with the help of this list, and at what you put inside, your very own body. Use your brain, to feed your soul. Remember to exercise! Here is a real life guide for real life new year use…

  1. The coffee, espresso, and teas: in moderate amounts. I drink American coffee, Latin American espresso, and lots of teas, with Black teas having the most caffeine. Alcohol is also in this subject, in moderate amounts. A glass of Red Wine, is good for your heart.
  2. A daily vitamin: very impt. Find the one you want, based on price and availability, and the one you need, based on your doctors recommendations for your physical wellbeing. This is not a supplement to what you eat.
  3. Any vitamin supplement; mens, womens, and children at an approved age. Omegas and Calcium, and vitamin D and C, are impt. for all. We also use Echinacea for immunity, and Ginseng for energy. We drink an Omega in our water on the weekends, and chew Vitamin C when we travel.
  4. Our children’s medicine, and other adult daily doses: like an Ibuprofen for adults, or Tylenol baby liquid, or baby Aspirin chew-ables — are for adults as well, in fruity flavors. This brings me to pain medicines, and homeopathic treatments. Aches and Pains can be soothed with rubs, hot and cold, and or ergonomic products. Eating right is essential to your overall health.
  5. Plus good digestion is key. Also key: mints, and or gum; this is for teeth whitening, cavity protection, healthy teeth and gums, and good breath.
  6. Also, don’t forget that keeping the health of your skin in good shape, is a sign of your overall healths wellbeing. ex. lip balm is an essential in all climates, for all genders and ages, also moisturizer, and SPF, like aloe. And drink your milk, also stand up straight, and eat more frequent smaller meals.
  7. Also always recycle, and try natural, or organic. I also recommend preferably (natural) feminine products, and (reusable) diapers wipes etc., but it depends on the individual, the family, and the home.
  8. An antibacterial spray, lotion, or at least a wipe, for travel, and daily hand washing. This is also essential with kids, especially when dining out, or around other not-so-healthy kids.
  9. Check out your herbs and spices and seeds: like for women including flax seeds, sesames, ginger; garlic and cumin powder for the whole family. Also check out your cooking oils, like virgin olive oil, and other cooking essentials. And check out how you cook your food like meats, and prepare your food like skinned fruits and veggies in a sanitary way.
  10. And check out your Daily Food Pyramid: bread, meat, fish, your fruit and your veggies. Check where you get that food. Drink 8-10 glasses of H20 a day. For juice: fruit or veggie juice, whatever you need to supplement your daily intake of food. All water: filtered water, if so, bottled. (Please recycle, and don’t reuse your drinking bottles. Check your baby bottles, and sippy cups too.)

Note: I am not a health nut, just a woman and a writer. I “take two of these and call in the morning”. I do not only eat organic, veggie or vegan. I try to eat a Mediterranean Asian diet, but also love American Caribbean grill. We are a new family, who vaccinates our children, that and I only dabbled in making my own a baby food. We try to be a green home. I am up on my nutritional intake, as in my vitamin supplements. I try to work out like most.

You can also find out more in depth “healthy” product reviews. There was a sneak peek inside my very own home, in hopes that it helps you all make your Healthy List for your own New Year.

Massachusetts Law

Massachusetts Law came to the forefront of American legal chatter when it legalized gay marriage a few years ago. But if you thought that was zany, recall Massachusetts is, perhaps ironically, a former puritan colony and has law codes to prove it. Every state has it’s own bizarre codes, but here’s a quick look at some of the eccentricities particular to laws of the land in Massachusetts.

Seat Belt Law. Buckle up in the Bay State. Admittedly, this isn’t the most exciting law or the most novel, but travelers through the area might want to know wearing a seat belt is in fact a legal obligation in Massachusetts. And if you don’t believe me, ask Chapter 90 Section 13A of the state’s general laws or those burly state cops on the ads saying “Buckle up: it’s the law.”

Gay Marriage. One man, one other man, one woman, one other woman. Gay marriage became allowable under Massachusetts law just a few years ago, stirring up a debate that got both sides of the political spectrum all kinds of riled up. Currently, with no overriding U.S. constitutional amendment, same-sex unions are allowed in Massachusetts and are legal and binding. Attempts by some groups to get a referendum on the subject or a legislative motion to challenge the current status are pending. In celebrity news, the two women who were among the proponents of the legislation recently announced they were splitting up.

Bye-Bye Bilingual. For those of you convinced Massachusetts is a liberal, blue, pinko leftist haven, consider that, even if that’s true, the schools all speak English. Despite dueling opinions about whether English immersion is actually best for kids learning in a second language, several years ago, state voters decided in 2003 to repeal a bilingual educational act and make English Immersion the way of the schools. I mean, it makes sense. Don’t we have referendums on how every profession should do their jobs: “The people of Massachusetts have decided the best way to do open heart surgery is with a ten blade, and thus it is now the law.”

Am I Blue? You are if it’s Sunday. As I mentioned before, Massachusetts is a former puritan state. Puritans as you might recall, weren’t so into drinking, partying, or doing anything on the Sabbath other than Sabbathing. A vestige of that is Massachusetts’ famous “Blue Laws” which “restrict business openings on Sundays and holidays.” These laws currently mean you can’t open a store on Christmas or Thanksgiving without “local police permit and approval by the State’s Division of Occupational Safety.” If you do, as recently as 2005, the Attorney General was threatening penalties. In general, stores couldn’t open before noon on Sundays and liquor stores, until 2005, couldn’t do business at all on Sundays. Needless to say there are also laws on the books about fornication, blasphemy, and Native Americans coming into Boston without armed guard. (Check out a cool Boston Globe article on the topic: (

Law with a delicious lemon scent. Massachusetts has no shortage of junky cars on the road and no shortage of junky roads (or junky billion dollar road projects…Big Dig, what?). However, there are some protections for the buyer of cars of a more lemony persuasion. Basically, if your new car, by no fault of yours, fails an inspection within seven days of the purchase, the sale can be voided. For more info, check out the state’s bright yellow page: (


Make Your Fingernails Strong and Healthy

/Taking care of our hands is important since we use them so much in day to day life. We want them to be attractive and functional down o the fingernails. Strong and healthy nails are attractive and a sign of good hygiene and care. Many of us, though, suffer from brittle weak nails that are unappealing and unsightly. Learn how to grow strong nails and keep them healthy with some simple guidelines.

Step 1

Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or engaging in other activities that require your hands be in water much of the time. Excessive soaking of your nails can cause them to dry out and become brittle.

Step 2

File your nails in one direction only .If you file in a back and forth motion it can cause your nails to split. Round the tips of your nails rather than making them pointed so they will be less likely to break.

Step 3

Use fresh emery boards on your nails and do not share them with others. Germs can collect on the boards which can lead to infection.

Step 4

Moisturize your nails with a thick cream once daily. Do so after all your activities are completed and your hands are at rest for best results.

Step 5

Use a cuticle oil and a nail hardener to help protect nails. These products are available from drug stores and beauty shops.

Step 6

Keep your cuticles pushed back to help care for your nails. Soak your hands prior to pushing them back and do so at a 45 degree angle rather than straight across.

Step 7

Increase the amount of zinc in your daily diet to help make your nails healthy. You can do this by eating a hardboiled egg and a glass of milk to your breakfast or lunch.

Step 8

Break the nail biting habit as this is likely the most damaging thing you do to your nails on a regular basis. Enlist a buddy to remind you and “catch” you in the act when you do it without thinking. You can also invest in a bitter polish to help you keep your fingers out of your mouth.


Polish your nails weekly to help keep them pretty and protected.

Do not use removers containing acetone as this chemical can weaken your nails.

Be vigilant about watching out for nail infection. See a doctor if there are any changes in the color of your nails or if unevenness or other changes occur.

Healthy Friendships Can Last a Lifetime If You Are Fair

/If you want to continue to have a healthy friendship, you need to know that it is a two way relationship, it is not all about you, it is about having harmony with that person. Sometimes you can’t get your way. You have to learn how to be a good listener.

I love people, and don’t mind making a few friends here and there, but I rather make business friends, then to have regular friends, because some friendships can take a toll on you. People come with all their demands, and usually I attract the friends who can burden you down with all of their demands, I don’t like that. I am a very busy person, and am very aware of my time, I am aware of other people’s time as well. I don’t like to have people doing too much for me, and don’t want anyone who wants me to do much, because my schedule is already loaded with things to do. If you want a healthy friendship, then you really need to be a good listener, and find out what are your friend’s likes, and dislikes. This is very essential to a healthy relationship, not only for friends, but any kind of relationship with someone you like.

I know what it takes to maintain a healthy friendship; this is why I try to take on less of them as possible, because I know that at this stage of my life, I do not have the time to invest in them in order to keep it healthy. If you know that you don’t have the time to spend on a healthy friendship, then it is best not to engage in them. It is okay to speak with people, or to socialize with someone, but to have a person you call a friend, is someone you spend some time with, so take these things into consideration when you are making friends.

If you know your friend doesn’t like something, why irritate them with things you know they don’t like. Another thing you should not do, is force your ways upon your friend, if there is something that you like, and you know that your friend doesn’t why try and force them to engage in things they dislike? I know a few people who do these things to their friends, and I don’t think that it is a good thing to do, nor do I think that friendship will last for long with one friend trying to force another friend in things that they are not interested in participating in.

I know of another friendship that is not so nice, like one friend is extremely sensitive, so if their friend says something that they dislike, they stop talking to that friend, I don’t think this is fair to do to their friend, and at the same time, they don’t want to lose that friendship, now you have to be fair to your friend, you cannot do your friend this way, and still want to continue on having a healthy friendship.

Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement

There are many different levels of management and/or supervision in law enforcement agencies. “When city police were first established their only contact with their departments was face-to-face meetings or messengers” (Bennett, Hess, & Meier, 2007). As the country grew and society became more complex, federal and state agencies were created to satisfy needs that were not being met at the local level. In 1789, Congress begin to create several federal law enforcement agencies. The earliest law enforcement agencies consisted of the U.S. Marshals, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, The Secret Service, and The Internal Revenue Service.

One of Saint Leo University’s Core Values is Community. Saint Leo University fosters a spirit of belonging, unity, and interdependence, which is based on mutual trust and respect, in an effort to create socially responsible environments that encourages all of us to listen, learn, to change, and to serve. As it relates to the function(s) of being an officer, communities play a major role in the process. Local law enforcement agencies are not prepared in staff and supplies. The lagging economy and the increase in requirements for homeland security equipment has caused law enforcement agencies to have little money left to pay officers’ salaries (Hamilton., 2004). Some solutions to personnel shortages may seem extreme, but the operation must still go on.


Bennett, W., M. Hess, C. Meir (2007), Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal

Justice, 5th Edition

Hamilton, M. (2004), Police Magazine: “The Money Crunch: Staffing Coverage”


Insider’s Guide to Being a Good Parent, In-Law, Andor Grandparent

I’m sure that everyone has heard or read horror stories about those awful in-laws. You know the ones I’m talking about: Those who just can’t, or won’t, stay out of their children’s’ business. The ones that insist on offering unsolicited advice at every turn and sometimes even go so far as trying to take over raising their grandchildren.

Having been the victim of the mother-in-law from hell, I learned a valuable lesson early in my life. I learned how to butt out – – stay out – – and keep my big mouth shut! It is a pity that more parents, in-laws and grandparents don’t seem to be able to do the same. With that in mind, I thought I’d share an “Insider’s Guide to Being a Good Parent, In-Law, and/or Grandparent.” Do with it what you will.

Insider’s Guide #1: Stay out of your child’s business. Remember you raised your children to be independent, self-sufficient individuals. If you have done your job properly, they will generally make good decisions. Of course no one is perfect – – including you – – so there is always the outside chance that they might stumble from time to time. It is not your job as a parent to step in and fix their problems. It is your job to be a support mechanism. If and when your child needs you, they will let you know. Until then, mind your own business; not your child’s.

My mother had one solid golden rule: Don’t offer advice unless you are asked you for it. I respected her for that. She never jumped into the middle of my husband’s and my marriage. She never told me how to raise my children. She never offered her unsolicited opinions. She was always there with open arms and outstretched hands if I needed assistance. However, she believed that I had the capability, courage, and fortitude to take care of myself. Nothing ever meant more to me, except of course her unconditional love, than the respect and belief she exhibited in me.

Insider’s Guide #2: Learn to love your child’s spouse or significant other. This can be a hard task to mange. However, I cannot count the number of parents that I personally know who lost their children forever because they refused to accept their child’s choice in love. In many ways, this suggestion echoes the first one. If you as a parent have taught your child all of the right things like self-respect, self-sufficiency, and independence then they should have the capability of making viable choices, even in love. Notice I said “should.” The fact of the matter is that love doesn’t always make a great deal of sense. Pheromones sometimes come into play and oftentimes lust will get mistaken for love. Therefore, sometimes children will make poor decisions in the area of love. Hopefully, these will be temporary; however, no matter what it is still their decision to make; not yours. They will learn soon enough if they have chosen poorly and they will correct the problem. Your interference as a parent will only strengthen their resolve to stand true to that bad decision just to spite you. That will not serve anyone well.

Case in point, when she was younger my daughter was a bit of a rebel. She loved doing things that she knew would push her father’s and my buttons. Consequently, at one point she announced that she was “in love” with a boy that she knew without a doubt her father and I would hate. Now I will admit that we did try to sway her decision early on. However, once she had dug in her heels and made it perfectly clear that she wasn’t about to listen to what we had to say, we just stopped talking. We didn’t exactly give her love affair unconditional support but we didn’t fight it either. The strategy worked and before we expected it to happen she had dumped her paramour du jour in favor of exactly the type of young man we knew would treat her with the respect, dignity, and love she deserved. It wasn’t easy for us to take that risk; however, it paid off in spades.

Insider’s Guide #3: Don’t expect your child to be a mirror image of you. While it is obviously important for parents to be role models and guides in their children’s’ lives, it does not mean that we have the right to try to remake our children in our own image. Who says we got everything right?

Growing up I had a close friend whose father was a minister. From the moment he was born, Terry’s father automatically assumed that his son would also become a minister. Even in kindergarten, I remember Terry announcing that he was going to be a preacher. When his teacher asked him to explain what that was to his classmates, he couldn’t. He just knew that it was what he was supposed to grow up to be. Everything he did in life, every class he ever took, and every move he ever made was geared toward that end. Finally, he entered Bible College. His father was proud. His mother was ecstatic. But Terry was terrified and within less than a year, he had dropped out due to a mental break down. Not to be one to give in, however, he fought his way back to health and within a couple of years he was right back in Bible College, where he remained for only a few months before dropping out once again. Broken, discouraged, and totally uncertain of his purpose in life, this once wonderful, vibrant, intelligent young man – – our class valedictorian – – was working in a car wash. Gone was his spark and any inkling of the boy I knew growing up. All that was left was an empty shell. Although, it was never his father’s intention to do so, he had set his son up for failure; a failure from which Terry never recovered.

Insider’s Guide #4: Recognize your in-laws for the special people that they are. If you can’t do that as a parent, you are going to miss out on some of the most wonderful experiences of your life. Learning to love – – or at least pretend to love – – your child’s spouse of significant other is one thing, but actually “recognizing” that individual for their own unique qualities is something else altogether.

Case in Point: My son-in-law is one of the most kind, considerate, loving human beings that ever walked the face of this earth. I learned that about him early on. After all, he had excellent taste: He chose my daughter to be his wife. But it wasn’t until a few years later that I really understood the depth of this man’s love for my daughter; enough so that I knew she was safe in his care. Taking a page from my mother’s book, I chose not to interfere in my daughter’s life in any way. She is more than capable of handling herself in any situation. I knew that and I believed it. Still, a mother always has that special little nagging fear in her heart that someone might hurt her child. I lived with that fear for years. As much as I love my daughter I know that she isn’t the easiest person to get along with. She is tough, opinionated, and stubborn; not that I can imagine where she would have gotten such traits. She will push and push and push a person away from her just to test them; to see if they will still love her anyway. My wonderful son-in-law has never failed one of those tests. What more can a mother ask for? Likewise, my son who is little more on the sensitive side, managed to find just the right woman to be his mate. I trusted her, early on as well and she has also never failed to prove me right. She offers her support and love at every juncture but she doesn’t let my son get away with anything. She is the perfect mixture of strength and love. Had I not accepted my son-in-law and daughter-in-law for who they are, I would have missed out on two of the greatest joys of my life.

Insider’s Guide #5: Your job as a grandparent is to be fun!You have already been a parent. You have already suffered the anxiety and torture of adolescent angst. You have already made every mistake in the book. You don’t have to repeat everything with your grandchildren. They are your children’s responsibility and they are your children’s problem. What grandchildren should be to you is pure, unfettered, untamed, inexplicable joy. Your role as a grandparent is to love, support, embrace, encourage, and enjoy your grandchildren. I am convinced that there is no greater gift on this earth.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my children with my entire heart and soul and I cannot conceive of anything I wouldn’t do for them. But we had to go through the tortures of the damned to come out on the other end together. I don’t have to do that with my grandchildren. They are there for my hugs and kisses and laughter and love. Then I simply send them home to mommy and daddy for the rest. I earned that right and I intend to enjoy every moment of it. I learned that lesson from both my grandmother and great-grandmother. I cannot recall a time that I needed either of them when they failed me. But neither did they try to take my mother’s place as a parent. Instead they just opened their arms and offered me pure, unadulterated love, every single day. I want to be that for my grandchildren. I want them to look back someday and think of me in that same special way.

While there are a lot of other things that go into being a good parent, in-law, and grandparent, I can guarantee you this: If you just start with these five guidelines, you are well on your way to total and complete success!


One Texan’s Support for a Voter Photo ID Law

In a society where a photo ID is required to for actions ranging from cashing a check to buying a six pack of beer, requiring one to perform one of the most solemn acts in a democracy, voting, seems only sensible.

The argument that, in the state of Texas, Hispanics are less likely to have a photo ID than Anglos is not persuasive. How many of these Hispanics who lack a photo ID are actually registered voters, not to mention legally in the country? The studies being cited by the Justice Department do not provide this information.

The integrity of elections is one of the most important things that should be defended in a democracy. A vote by someone who is not qualified to vote is a theft from people who are qualified to vote.

Voter fraud has been a fact of life in Texas since Lyndon Johnson stole the 1948 Senate race. Claims that such cases are rare today are not persuasive against a photo ID law. If murder were rare, measures to prevent that crime would still be relevant and necessary. That is true for voter fraud as well.

Seven Gardening Tips for a Beautiful Garden

/A garden is an endless source of pleasure for those who love gardening. It’s a place to get away from your worries and tensions. Lush green and colorful flowers or growing vegetables are sure to lift your spirits. Following are some tips that might be helpful if you are just getting started setting up your garden.

  1. Keep your garden weed free and insect free for a healthy garden that is welcoming to you, your children,your grandchildren, or whomever you choose to share your special place with.
  2. Plant a garden that is easy and within your means to keep. Planting an extensive garden will take extensive care to maintain it. When it becomes more of a chore than a pleasure, you know you have overdone it.
  3. Before you buy your plants, ensure that the soil is ready for planting. There’s nothing worse than buying your new plants and then not being able to plant them because you have done nothing to prepare the soil.
  4. When buying new plants, make sure they are healthy. Some nurseries will put plants on sale that appear to be only half alive. They might seem like a tempting bargain, but unless you have a green thumb, probably many of these plants will not make it. Make sure your new plants are green, healthy, and have signs of new growth on them.
  5. You might want to decorate your garden in a variety of ways. Earthen figures or ornamental clay pots add a nice touch to decorating a garden. Or perhaps a pile of stones well placed at a corner of the garden would add a unique look.
  6. Buy yourself a good, sturdy set of gardening tools. Without good tools, making the garden becomes a difficult task. And you don’t want to lose interest before you have your plants in the ground.
  7. Kneeling can take a toll even on the most fit person. Sometimes investing in strap on knee pads or a knee pad that you place on the ground and kneel on is worthwhile.

Gardening can be an extremely relaxing hobby. You can build yourself a reading area in or near your garden which can be a pleasurable escape from reality. To see something you have planted grow and become more beautiful with each passing day will make you smile. And if you have planted vegetables, to enjoy the cooked fruits of your labor is unsurpassable.

Hydroponic Gardening for Clean, Green Food

Everyone knows the benefits of clean organic food. It’s no secret we all want to eat healthier, more nutritious foods and lead more sustainable lives. Do you sometimes think you may not have enough fresh greens in your diet? Imagine having all the salad greens and vegetables you’ll ever need, clean and fresh from your yard or indoor garden. The idea of gardening may conjure up problems for some urban dwellers such as inadequate space, the time and trouble of irrigation, and just spending all your free time in the dirt. Hydroponic gardening could be the answer to all of those gardening issues and offer solutions to many more.

Hydroponic gardening is a very simple concept. It provides constant irrigation which contains nutrients for plants without the need for soil as a growing medium. You can buy hydroponic gardening systems online or you can build your soil-free garden yourself. This article is not a step by step on how to build one of these efficient gardens but rather a look at how these gardens operate and what one might look like.

The main thing in hydroponic gardening is the stream of circulating water. It will usually come from a storage tank on the ground with a water pump that pumps water up to the top or high point of the garden. Many people like to use 3 to 4 inch PVC pipe to channel the stream which has its advantages. The stream and the storage tank must be “light tight”; the pipe method accomplishes this. If your nutrient rich water is exposed to sunlight you’ll have algae blooms in no time. PVC is also sold with all the right sized attachments like the end pieces and “t” fittings. Another method for streaming uses household rain gutters containing gravel or other lightweight rocks. The key element is to get water with added nutrients pumped from the storage tank to the high end of your stream and have it saturate all the plant roots as it flows by before dropping back into your storage tank. The water should splash from about 6 inches above the surface so it can re-aerate.

In the top of the PVC stream pipe are holes cut large enough for plant holders. Plastic pots are available with open slotted sides so water can flow through to nourish your plants. There are various growing mediums made from moss-like materials to hold the plants in place. This “flowing water” feature of hydroponics allows your plants to take just as much water as they need; no more and no less. This means you never worry about watering the right amount; you just change the water every few weeks and add more nutrients. It’s wise to do a lot of research on plant nutrients before starting your hydroponic garden as nutrients are considered the “key” in this type of gardening. You need to use the right nutrients for the right plants. It stands to reason that all plants in the stream should be compatible in their nutrient needs. Too much nutrient in the stream can cause “nutrient burn” causing your plants to turn brown and die. The pH in the water has to be in the proper range and rain water usually works well. If you don’t have access to rain water, there are “pH kits” you can purchase to get the water in the right pH range.

It’s been said that if we stopped wasting water and fossil fuels on mowing and growing grass lawns and we simply planted food crops at home, we could feed the world. By growing your own food you’ll use less fuel for shopping, fewer grocery bags and know what is in and on your food. This is certainly another example of “green is better”. The ease and convenience of hydroponic gardening makes it clear that we do have choices. From apartment or condo balconies, to front yards, back yards and roofs, hydroponic gardens can help make our families healthier, happier and more self-sufficient!