Autosurf and manualsurf – what is it?

Autosurf and manualsurf are terms we will certainly encounter when earning from ads, although they are not the most profitable. Just by the name alone you can see that these forms of earning are very similar to each other, although the difference is noticeable. How much you can earn on it and if it is worth it at all?

Autosurf and manualsurf – how they differ?

Let's start with a common feature between autosurfs and manualsurfs. In both cases, the idea is to watch the ads in rotation. Of course, their number is limited and it depends on the service whether the page can be seen only once a day or there is no limit. In most cases, in the second case, you get less pay, but you have more ads in rotation.

So what are the differences? In principle, after the name itself we can already deduce, but just to be sure:

  • Autosurf – does not require any activity from us except for switching on, because the pages in rotation jump automatically. Most often it happens after several seconds, so we do not even have to be at the computer (or phone) to earn,
  • Manualsurf – you also watch ads in rotation, but unfortunately you must constantly confirm your presence – unlike autosurf. As a rule, it is enough that we rewrite the word or choose the correct result of the equation every now and then (a dozen or so seconds).

It is worth mentioning that Autosurf is also characterized by a much lower rate per page view, but this should be obvious. In fact, the only advantage of autosurfs is that they do not require any activity on our part, except just turning on.

How much we can earn on autosurf and manualsurf?

In the Internet there are several autosurfs and manualsurfs – not only Polish, but also foreign. Earnings in them are very diverse, but as an example for calculation let's use one of the services that offers both ways of earning, that is FastKakasa24h.

On the site you can also buy a VIP account in which the points from surfing are multiplied accordingly (the price depends on the period for which you upgrade your account):

  • Gold = points x4 (annual cost is 70 zł),
  • Silver = points x2 (annual cost is 40 zł).

Let's not deceive ourselves, the earnings in the surf are not the highest, but let's go on with the calculations using the mentioned service. An hour is 3600 seconds, so how many pages will you see in this time in each surf?:

  • autosurf – 200 pages (3600 seconds / 18 for each page=200 pages per hour). For each of them is 1.4 points, so it comes out 280 points per hour without any activity on our part,
  • manualsurfie – here the amount of points depends on the time we have to spend on each page (sometimes 15 seconds, sometimes 30 etc.).). However, the points are adequate to the time spent, so there will be no problem with calculations. In manualsurf we are able to collect approx. 240 points per minute, or 14400 points per hour.

As you can see the difference in points between autosurf and manualsurf is quite large, so the second seems to be more interesting option. However, we must also take into account that the number of sites in it is much smaller, so they will probably run out quite quickly. What's more, the calculations for manualsurf don't take into account the time needed to confirm your presence at the computer, which usually takes a few seconds.

There is still the most important issue, that is how many points are worth in the service. The conversion rate is as follows:

800000 points equals 10 PLN, which can be paid out.

In conclusion, we will earn per hour:

  • in autosurf: 0,35 gr,
  • in manual surf: up to 18 gr. Of course, this is only the upper limit, which can not be jumped. In reality, the earnings are even smaller and depend on how fast we answer the question while jumping from one page to another.

Of course, in the case of a VIP account earnings will be correspondingly higher, but still definitely no revelation.

Autosurf and Manualsurf – how to increase your earnings?

One possibility is the mentioned upgrade to VIP status, but first we need to recalculate whether it's even worth it.

Definitely better is the second option, which does not require any financial outlays and allows you to build passive income, that is recommending the service. With this option, we get extra points for each page surfed by a person invited by a reflink.

What are the risks of making money in this way

Autosurfs and manualsurfs are theoretically an easy way to earn extra money (very little, but still), but using them also carries certain risks. First of all, we must pay attention to the services that do not moderate the added pages and upload everything as it comes. In such services we can expose ourselves to, for example, computer viruses, and this is something that no one would probably want. Another thing is that, unfortunately, even services that check the sites before adding them, do not always do it with due diligence. Deciding to earn in this way should be borne in mind – especially since the income from this is small.

How to make money on ads

clicking on ads

Servers specializing in making money on ads are not only autosurfs and manualsurfs. As a rule, they offer much more earning options, which may simply turn out to be more profitable e.g. performing paid tasks etc. There are quite a few such services on the Internet, so we shouldn't have any problem with finding them.