Apple iPads – which you can choose

Apple iPads – which you can choose?

The American manufacturer of electronic devices, the brand Apple offers really quite a lot of interesting devices. A perfect example of this would be the iPad, a tablet from the brand why? Because without a doubt, everyone will find something for themselves here. The choice is huge, you can find out about it by checking iPad models, there are exactly four of them, and they differ even more in parameters. You can find out everything below!

  1. iPad Air and Pro – popular models
  2. Mini model and 10.2 – small and smaller for everyone!

When it comes to Apple iPads the choice is huge. We have already written that there are exactly four of them, you can mention here the Air and Pro version, which without a doubt was taken from the Macbook names. But that’s not the end, customers can also bet on the mini and 10.2 – here the size decides! Choose the right one for you at https://lantre.en/c/122/ipad.html.

iPad Air and Pro – popular models

The most popular iPad versions, i.e. Pro and Air models. A few words about them. the first one, i.e. the more powerful one, as the name suggests is a quite powerful and at the same time large model. The smallest units are 11 inches, the larger ones are 12.9 inches, which is close to what you get in Macbooks 13. There is a minimum of 128Gb and a maximum of 1Tb of memory for data. Pro models were created in early 2020, the latest ones of course. However, their next release is imminent. What does it look like for the Air models? Here there is one diagonal to choose from, which is 10.9 inches. There is 64 or 256Gb of memory available for data. What else? iPad iOS operating system and a whole bunch of case colors to choose from. The colors here are green, pink and gold. All of them look beautiful, as you will see live.

Mini and 10.2 models – small and smaller for everyone!

Air and Pro are not the only models in Apple’s tablet range. After all, we have already written that the models are exactly four. This time Mini, or iPad, which is only 7.9 inches, the display is small, but very powerful. This model stands out for its mobility and convenience during use. Complicated graphical tasks will not be performed on it, however. Is this the end? Of course not! Users can choose between 64 and 256Gb of built-in memory. The device runs on the same operating system as its predecessors. The 10.2 model is, as the name suggests, a 10.2-inch device. The oldest and already a bit weaker model, but appearing also in newer versions, but cheaper. There is 32 or 128Gb of inbuilt memory at customers’ disposal

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