Avon – how to become a consultant?

Avon is a company with worldwide reach dealing with the production and distribution of cosmetics. Its business is mainly based on direct sales using multi-level marketing. Therefore, with the right commitment it can also be a pretty good way to earn money. How to become a consultant, how much you can earn on it and what else you should know about this type of work?

Who can become a consultant?

Practically everyone can become Avon consultant, but in case of minors parents' consent is required. To apply you will need a current identity card and a second document confirming your identity. In case of minors it can be an ID card or passport.

How to become an Avon consultant and start working?

The products are sold by consultants, so to earn – you have to become one of them. We can do it in two ways:

  1. finding the person who does this in your area. This task should not be particularly difficult, because in each city there is really quite a lot of them, although not all of them advertise it. That's why you should ask your friends or use social media. Even if we do not know such a consultant personally, she will surely be very willing to enter this business, because it means additional earnings for her,
  2. using the Internet. There is no shortage of Avon consultants who advertise online and filling out a registration form is just a matter of 5 minutes e.g. at https://konsultantka.en. Choosing a person above you should think carefully, because it may turn out that in addition to registration you will not receive any support and guidance. A much better option is to join a person in or near your hometown to get help if needed.

If we do not know anyone in our hometown or for various reasons we do not want to join such a person, we can also look through portals with advertisements and job offers or use the form available on the official website.

Earnings of Avon consultant

Earnings Avon consultants get the difference between the catalog price and the final price paid by the clients. A consultant's discount when it comes to cosmetics depends on the size of an order and is as follows:

  • 15% – under 200 PLN,
  • 20% – 200 – 299 PLN,
  • 25% – 300 – 599 PLN,
  • 30% – 600 – 1099 PLN,
  • 35% – 1100 – 3099 PLN,
  • 40% More than 3100 PLN.

All products that are not cosmetics, for example. bags, jewelry, watches, etc. are covered by a discount of no more than 20%. This is because the products are manufactured by Avon's partners, not the company itself.

How much can you earn as an Avon Consultant?

Many people certainly wonder how much money you can earn being an Avon consultant. Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question precisely, because it depends on several factors, but we can estimate it for ourselves. We only need to assess how many clients we are able to acquire per month and how big the total purchases will be. With these two pieces of information it is relatively easy to calculate the potential earnings. Of course, there are also profits from the acquired consultants who will sign up with us;.

How to become a Avon Sales Leader?

Being sales leader we can count on additional benefits, which regular Avon ambassadors do not have. That is why it is worth becoming one – especially as the matter is relatively simple. All we need to do is to place an order and then sign and send the appropriate contract (as a natural person) or set up our own business. What we can gain thanks to it?

  • the possibility of building a team (up to 3 generations), which guarantees additional income,
  • attractive welcome programme for the first few catalogs,
  • additional cosmetics sets (invisible for ambassadors) and discounts on catalogs,
  • for fulfilling the assumptions of the catalog additional prizes and financial bonuses,
  • novelty package for leaders only,
  • private medical care in Medicover from the level of K2,
  • special online and stationary training depending on the district we join,
  • integration meetings and conferences,
  • from level M you can take advantage of attractive leasing of a company car or get a voucher for family vacations,
  • for 900 best leaders according to VIP club ranking invitation to Avon Christmas Conference with special guests.

Earning as a Sales Leader

Earnings of a sales leader depend on the results of the entire group (G1-G3), and the first threshold K1 you get after achieving a turnover of at least 2000 PLN.

Structure Sales (in PLN) G1-G3 Sales Leader Status 2 KK appointments or increase in G1 sales 2 KK appointments and G1 sales increment
K1 2000 5% X X
K2 4000 5% X X
K3 8000 5% 6% 7%
K4 16 000 5% 6% 7%
M1 2K1 25 000 6,5% 8% 9,5%
M2 2K2 40 000 7% 8,5% 10%
M3 3K2 60 000 7,5% 9% 10,5%
M4 3K3 95 000 8% 9,5% 11%
SM1 2M1 150 000 9% 11% 13%
SM2 2M2 250 000 9,5% 11,5% 13,5%
SM3 3M2 350 000 10% 12% 14%
SM4 3M3 500 000 11% 13% 15%
  • G1 – people acquired directly,
  • G2 – people acquired by the leader above us,
  • G3 – people acquired by G2 leaders,
  • K1-4 – Coordinator,
  • M1-4 – manager,
  • SM1-4 – Senior Manager.

It is also worth mentioning that every new Avon leader takes part in the program „Na start”, which guarantees attractive remuneration during the initial period of cooperation. Thanks to this, for the first 6 catalogs we get additional 100 PLN for each 1000 PLN of sales in G1-G3. Of course we have to stay active ourselves, but our sales cannot be higher than 50% of the group's sales.

Where to sell Avon products

Where we sell Avon products is basically up to us, although most often they go to family and friends. However, it is worth considering broadening the group of recipients, for example by using social media. A well-written ad will bring in more customers, which in turn will translate into higher earnings. Of course we can also try on advertising portals or other sales websites e.g. Allegro. As you can easily see, there are still a lot of Avon products out there, so it looks like this method still somehow works.

Working as a consultant and accounting with the Tax Office

When you decide to work with Avon you do not receive any contract of employment, work or commission, so it is not any form of employment. The obligation to settle accounts with the Tax Office rests with the consultants, as the company does not pay any taxes on this account. Of course, if you order cosmetics for yourself and your family using discounts, there is no problem and you do not have to report it to the tax office. However, if you take this business seriously and sell large quantities, it is worth deciding to set up a sole proprietorship.

How to earn in MLM

mlm network marketing

Network marketing can be not only an interesting additional job, as it can even replace a full-time job, although it requires a lot of commitment. The biggest advantage of MLM is the possibility of building a structure through which we earn not only on direct sales of products, but also receive a commission from acquired partners. Although we do not need to invite anyone, as the solution is only optional, it can significantly increase earnings.