Allegro China and shopping from China – how it looks like?

Convenience goes to get used to, so more and more often we decide to shop online instead of looking for them in stationary stores. Deciding to buy online we choose mostly stores located in Poland, but it is also worth paying attention to foreign ones. An interesting option seems to be shopping from China, as we can often save a lot of money this way. Where does the term „chinese Allegro” and how to buy there?

Chinese Allegro – what is it?

When we hear „Chinese Allegro” we mainly mean the popular Aliexpress store, where you can buy almost everything. Similarity to Allegro, the most popular site of this type in our country meant that Aliexpress was often referred to as a Chinese Allegro. However, we have to remember that this is only one of many stores that allow you to buy from China, so on a good note such a term could fit also others.

Is shopping from China a good idea?

Most people certainly believe that Chinese products are of poor quality, but few realize that the vast majority comes from there. Even when searching for products on Allegro it is easy to notice how many products come from China, although not everyone is aware of it. Sellers often buy directly and then list here with an additional margin. So why not skip the middlemen and try to order something on your own? This is an interesting way to save some money on online shopping. It is also worth noting the cost of delivery, which is very low, and often it is completely free.

Ordering on Chinese Allegro has also disadvantages

Of course, shopping in Chinese online stores also has its disadvantages, which are worth being aware of:

  • delivery time, which can be even several weeks. It is worth considering such a purchase only if you do not care about time and can wait a little longer for the ordered goods,
  • sometimes additional VAT and customs duty – only in certain situations, but more on that below,
  • ethical issues – we need to be aware that cheap products from China is mainly due to the use of cheap labour force for their production.

When we have to pay VAT and customs duty

Generally all goods imported from outside of European Union have to go through customs clearance, so for products ordered in Allegro China, there is a tax imposed in the amount of 23%. Of course, there are some exceptions, so we do not always have to reckon with additional payment. Shipment is exempt from both Vat and customs duty, if its value does not exceed a certain amount. This is best illustrated by the table below:

Fee up to 22 EUR from 22 to 150 EUR over 150 EUR
Customs duty no no yes
Vat not yes yes

Unfortunately on 1st January 2021 new regulations for foreign shipments come into force, so shopping from China will not be so profitable anymore. According to estimates, after changes the number of shipments from China will decrease by up to 30-40%, so quite a lot. After the changes the duty and tax issues will be as follows:

Fee up to 150 EUR over 150 EUR
Duty no yes
Vat yes yes

Where to buy from China

There are many stores which can be described as Chinese Allegro, but here are the most popular ones.