Business plan for grocery store – what you need to remember?

Opening a grocery store requires many formalities to be taken care of. There is no denying that it is also a considerable financial expense, so it is important to plan each issue in detail beforehand. Find out how to create a grocery store business plan that will allow you to succeed.

Creating a grocery store business plan – the most important elements

Before you invest in your dream grocery store, it is necessary to create a business plan, in which you take into account the business strategy and take a closer look at the costs that will await you. First of all, you should pay attention to include such costs as:


At the very beginning you need to consider where to get the goods that you will later sell. You can find an interesting offer on the website It is very important to pay attention not only to the lowest possible price of products, but also to the very delivery of goods. You need to find out whether you need to hire someone to bring the assortment from the wholesale, or maybe the company offers a service related to the delivery of ordered products. Know in advance the cost of such delivery.

Costs associated with premises

There is no denying that in parallel you should deal with finding premises where you will open your store. You may decide to buy, but it is much safer to lease at first. Here again, you have to be guided not only by the amount of the monthly fee, but also by the location. Ideally, the building should be located in a place with a lot of traffic or in a new housing estate where there are no stores around. Of course, it is more profitable to look for places where there is no or little competition. However, you must be aware that this will probably change over time.

Do not forget to add the costs of water and electricity.

Online stores are also becoming more and more popular, so if you want, you can combine online and stationary sales.

store equipment

The store should have equipment such as cash register, store furniture, including fridges, shelves or counters, scales, lighting elements. This cost in a small store reaches min. 4K. PLN. However, treat it as an investment, which in addition will affect the image of the store.


Marketing services are also very important and you need to think about how you will advertise your store as early as when you are creating your business plan. Pay a lot of attention to whisper marketing, promotion in social media, or print promotional flyers, which you can distribute to mailboxes.