Agent – who is it and how to become one

When looking for a good source of income, we often wonder whether to decide on a permanent position, or perhaps start with your own business. It is the second option that seems more interesting and profitable, but not everyone is ready to take such a risk and start their own business right away. A certain way out of this situation may be ajencja, which many people decide on. It is not a solution without disadvantages, but it can be a test before starting your own business. Who is an agent and how to become one?

Business partner – who is it?

An agent is simply a person running his own business who leases a specific facility – most often retail or service space from another company. Such a facility is usually already fully equipped and prepared to run, so the operator only has to take care of its proper development and supervision.

What the work of an agent looks like

As an agent, we take responsibility for managing employees, deliveries, implementing sales plans, etc. As a matter of fact, work as an agent does not differ much from the work as a manager or owner of the establishment. But certainly not everyone will prove themselves in this role. An agent should first of all be an independent and enterprising person, and at the same time ready to act according to strict guidelines.

Earnings of an agent

For the majority of people, certainly a very important, if not the most important issue influencing the decision is earnings. Unfortunately, in contrast to the work on the job, it is difficult even to define a specific range, because everything depends on the results achieved. Even outlets belonging to the same chain, run by the same person, can generate completely different revenues. The most important thing to remember is that there are a lot of people out there who are not able to get a good deal on their money. However, it may well be earnings even below the lowest national level. Everything depends not only on proper management, but also on the location or even random events that may affect sales.

How to become an agent

Almost anyone can become an agent, because the requirements are not too high. Usually willingness and running one's own business or readiness to start one is enough. However, before starting cooperation should consider what kind of premises would suit us best and what budget we have. The most important thing to remember is that there is no need to be afraid of the people in your life, but if you do not know what to look for, you can simply visit the website of the company that offers you the opportunity to work on such a principle. If you're not quite sure, various portals with advertisements can be helpful, where you can certainly find something.

Agent vs

In job advertisements very often we can meet both the term agency and ajencja. Although these two words sound very similar, the principle of operation is completely different. What is the difference between these forms of contracts and who is an agent??:

  • agent – an intermediary whose task is only to conclude contracts on behalf of the ordering party. The remuneration for such work is only a commission on each sale,
  • ajent – he leases an equipped commercial or service space and his task is to provide all services, as well as to incur costs e.g. for the purchase of goods. related to hiring employees. In the case of such a contract remuneration depends solely and exclusively on the profits generated by the outlet.

Franchise vs. franchise


The most important difference between ajencja and franchise is that in the case of ajencja, the main investor remains the company with which we establish cooperation. It bears all the costs associated with running the business, and our task is only to sell. In the case of franchising, it is on your shoulders to pay the fees associated with the maintenance of the premises, so the purchase of goods, maintenance of employees, etc. An example of a company, which offers cooperation in both models is Carrefour.

For whom?

Ajencja is an increasingly popular form of cooperation, which is chosen mainly by people who want to start their own business, while not having too much own contribution. This model is most often used by nationwide newsagents, small local stores or courier points.

Advantages of being an agent

  • earnings – theoretically they can be the biggest advantage, because they depend only on the effects achieved by us, but unfortunately it also works the other way round. Badly run business can make them simply miserable,
  • well-known brand – operating under a known name and in a proven model gives a certain sense of security,
  • low contribution – most often this form of cooperation does not require a large own contribution.

Disadvantages of being an agent

  • time – lack of it, actually. An agent, just like an owner of his own company, very often thinks about it constantly. There is no such thing as a regular job, that after 8 hours of work we just go home and do not think about it until the next day,
  • lack of independence – all decisions related to the premises are made by the ordering party, so we have to follow the top-down guidelines.

How much money do you need for start-up?

Ajencja has the advantage that we do not need large financial resources to start such a business. Let's take, for example, 3 popular companies that enable cooperation on such a basis:

  • Kolporter (press shop) – none,
  • Carrefour (market) – 10 000 PLN.

As you can see, even without a large contribution we can start cooperation. Interestingly, such a press store can be opened even without any savings, as all the costs are incurred by the company (start-up and maintenance of premises, and even the purchase of goods).


Ajencja is an interesting alternative for people who would like to start their own business, but at the same time are afraid to quit their jobs and take such risks. Low own contribution and safety associated with operating under a well-known banner make a lot of people decide to become an agent. However, we must remember that, unfortunately, not everyone manages to maintain such a business. Nevertheless, it is worth thinking about, because for some people it may be a small test before establishing an independent and, above all, completely own company.