Aliexpress Chinese allegro – opinions, how to buy, customs


Aliexpress is a Chinese shopping portal that has been operating for several years. It is the equivalent of Polish Allegro, so often we can also meet with the term „Chinese Allegro„. On the site Aliexpress however, we have a much wider range of products – we can buy practically everything – from electronics, through clothing, to cosmetics. A characteristic feature of the portal are also extremely low prices. Such an attractive offer of the service is due to the fact that we often buy from producers themselves (thus avoiding middlemen). How to buy and where to get coupons and discount codes?

How to buy on Aliexpress

There should be no major problems with shopping, because the Chinese Allegro is also available in polish, although there are errors in translation. However, these are not errors that would make it difficult to navigate the site for people who do not speak English.

  1. Visit
  2. Then register using the registration panel visible on the right side of the screen. If you want to register quickly, you can choose to register via Facebook. If you do not want to connect your account on Aliexpress with Facebook, choose to register by email.
  3. After completing the registration forms, we need to go to your mailbox and confirm the registration. After clicking the button in the received email we will be redirected to the Aliexpress website, where we will be asked to complete the registration.
  4. Completing the registration is equivalent to creating a full-fledged account, and this means that we can start shopping.
  5. First, let's choose a product category (from the home page), which we are interested in. After choosing the item you are interested in, check feedback other buyers. If nothing will raise our doubts, we select the top of the page for delivery to Poland.
  6. Click on „Buy now” and fill in the shipping information. We also choose the payment method suitable for Poland. After sending money by email we receive a confirmation and … done!

Customs duty and VAT

If the value of the products we buy in one parcel does not exceed 150 euro, we do not have to worry about the customs duty. As far as VAT is concerned, it is also possible to avoid it. How to do it? Make purchases of less than 22 euros. Products which we order for private purposes and their value does not exceed 45 euro are also exempt from taxation.

Customs Office can keep our package. However these are extremely rare and rather isolated cases. If this will be the case for us, we will receive a letter from UC asking about the contents of the package and its value.

Coupons and discount codes for Aliexpress

Aliexpress (Chinese Allegro) itself encourages very attractive prices, but we can reduce them even further. Just use coupons and discount codes to lower the price of the items you are interested in. In addition, by registering on cashback sites we will receive a partial refund of money spent in many online stores, not only on Aliexpress. The sites which offer such refunds usually also give access to the above-mentioned discount codes, so by registering we gain twice.

Earning with Aliexpress

Due to very low prices, Aliexpress can also be used as a source of income. We just need to buy items in large quantities at very low prices and then sell them with additional margin on Polish auction sites. A lot of people decide to earn this type of money, which is often seen browsing e.g. Allegro, where we can find many identical items from China offered at different prices by different sellers.

When buying in bigger amounts we can earn quite decent money, but only if the product sells. It is worth, therefore, first browse the competitive offers and consider whether there is a demand for this type of products at all, because it may turn out that we will be left with goods that no one wants and thus we will only lose money.

Transaction security

Checking out products from China can raise concerns about the safety of transactions. This issue is secured by the service. The seller receives the money for the ordered products only after we confirm their receipt. If the sent items raise our objections, Chinese Allegro allows us to report the problem and apply for full or partial refund.

Payments for products purchased on Aliexpress are made using the Przelewy24 service. There are also other ways to pay. However, payment via online bank account seems to be the fastest and easiest.


Buying items on Aliexpress allows you to save a lot in the long run, if you do not care so much about time. Especially that the items on the Polish Allegro in most cases and so come from China, from this very service. Only that someone bought earlier in larger quantities and put on Polish auction sites to make money.

Earning from Aliexpress is possible if we find interesting items with little competition. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly difficult, because many people already know about this way of earning.

Do you have any experience with the service? What do you think about the items purchased there? Share your opinion in the comments.

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