BuzzBe – reviews how much you can earn in the app

BuzzBe – application reviews and description

Widespread access to the Internet and the development of technology has meant that many interesting applications have appeared for phones, through which we can earn real money. Among them you'll find both those in which access to the Internet is enough, as well as those requiring a certain mobility. In the second category we will find BuzzBe, or an application that allows you to play the role of a mystery shopper and earn money for performing tasks in the area. What you should know about it and how to get started?

How BuzzBe works

BuzzBe is a Polish application in which we earn money by performing simple missions in the field. These usually involve inspecting a selected store or other service establishment, taking a few photos and answering a few simple questions. Of course we can choose only those places where we want to go. There is absolutely no compulsion when it comes to doing tasks, so we don't have to do all of them.

BuzzBe – how to start?

In order to earn money with BuzzBe application, we have to download it first and then create an account. The application can be found on Google Play and all we need to register is the basic information, i.e. name, password and email address. The whole process is really smooth, so almost immediately after creating an account we can go to perform the first tasks, if of course they are available.

How to do tasks

buzzbe tasks

After logging in to your account in the application you will see a map with marked tasks that you can currently perform. In order to proceed to the tasks we have to choose the one we are interested in and click on it. After choosing you'll see short information about the mission, distance to destination and time limit for completing it In this window you need to go „Next” to learn more about it, and then you can click „Realize”, which will allow you to go to action.

Now all we have to do is to go to the chosen location and follow the instructions given on the screen. After completing a task, we can approve its execution and collect the due money.

It's worth noting that in addition to monetary reward we also get experience, which increases our chances of receiving further, even better orders.

What tasks does a mystery shopper have

mystery shopper

The main task of the mystery shopper is to check whether the employees of a given store serve the customer properly, or how the specific goods are presented on the shelves. This type of work is an interesting way to earn extra money, but we don't have to limit ourselves only to BuzzBe application, because it is just one of many options thanks to which we can earn on this type of activity.

Ranking and additional benefits in BuzzBe

In BuzzBe application we can also find a special ranking, in which presence will give us additional benefits:

  • higher earnings,
  • faster notifications,
  • a larger radius of visibility of the tasks,
  • the possibility of booking tasks.

Current points, position and current benefits can be checked by going to „Show badges”, which can be found by expanding the menu.

How much you can earn?

It's hard to give a clear answer how much you can earn with BuzzBe application, because it depends on many factors. The most important is, of course, how many tasks we will do and what reward we get for it. However, even with the most sincere intentions and a lot of free time we won't earn much if there are no missions in the area. Therefore, unfortunately, the amount of earnings does not depend only on us, although we have quite a lot of influence on it.

BuzzBe payout

Tasks in BuzzBe can be interesting, but the most enjoyable part of the whole „fun” is certainly the moment of payment. Unfortunately, the threshold is quite high, because we can order it only after we have collected on our balance at least 100 zlotys. However, taking into account the remuneration that we receive for completing the tasks, it doesn't take long to collect the minimum amount of time. We only have PayPal at our disposal.


PayPal is undoubtedly the most popular online wallet that you should have if you are seriously interested in making money online. Thanks to it we can not only pay the accumulated funds to a bank account, but also use them for direct payments in many online stores.

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