Cashinpills – affiliate program reviews and description

Cashinpills It is one of the most popular affiliate programs, which focuses mainly on products concerning health, beauty, weight loss, fitness and sexuality. Cooperating with the JPT company we can count on substantial commissions and very beneficial conditions. What you should know about this affiliate program and how to make money with it?

Cashinpills – what is it?

Cashinpills is an affiliate program existing in Poland since 2010 and operated by a Cypriot company JPT Investment Partners Limited. This company has decided to bet primarily on affiliation, which has become its main sales channel. It is worth mentioning that on the website you will also find the official affiliate program forum, which is also available in Polish.

Available products

The products offered are mainly dietary supplements, and there are three product categories available:

  • health and beauty,
  • sexual performance,
  • weight loss and fitness.

The offer includes supplements helping to quit smoking, lowering cholesterol, removing cellulite, protecting joints, curing acne, inhibiting baldness, enlarging breasts, whitening teeth, enlarging penis, preventing premature ejaculation, prolonging intercourse, multiplying orgasm, potency, increasing libido, increasing ejaculation, cleansing the body, slimming, increasing muscle mass gain, burning fat tissue and many others.

Each of the products in Cashinpills has its own website optimized for conversions. Depending on the product category, you can choose from sales letter type sites or more complex and professional sites containing detailed information about the product.

The amount of commissions in Cashinpills

Every affiliate is interested in commissions. In the case of Cashinpills you can count on high earnings, because almost always the commission is as much as 30% of the sale of a product. The sale is settled in the CPS model, and the price of most products oscillates around 100 PLN. It’s worth mentioning that they usually come in two packs or even a three pack version, so the one time commission can be really high.

How much can we earn?

How much you will earn in Cashinpills affiliate program depends on how many customers you are able to attract. It is easy to see that the commissions on sales are really high, so even with a few dozen sales a month you can earn at least several hundred PLN. Of course, the potential of the service is practically unlimited here, so it depends only on us and our promotion skills how much money we will exactly earn.

Withdrawal from Cashinpills

When it comes to payout, the commission is paid out automatically after earning at least minimum amount, which is 200 PLN. Transfers are made between the tenth and fifteenth of each month, and we have the following payment methods to choose from:

  • transfer to a bank account,
  • check,
  • paxum,
  • EPESE,
  • WebMoney.

bank account ranking

Nowadays practically everyone has a bank account, because it’s hard to imagine normal life without it. However, sticking to one institution is simply not profitable, because only new customers can count on better conditions and often even extra money for opening an account.

Where to promote your products?

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We can promote the products in practically any place, even just by sending a link to our friends, but this is not the most profitable method. It is best to use the Internet for this, because it offers really many possibilities. In fact, the promotion techniques are pretty much the same for every affiliate program – the only difference is the product.

Cashinpills advertising materials

At Cashinpills we have a lot of advertising material available in the form of links, banners, articles with synonyms, newspaper clippings, testimonials, page templates and iframe forms. You can also count on the support of your account manager or ask for advice on the official program forum. As far as the products are concerned, we can promote them in 32 countries, so we don’t have to limit ourselves only to Poland.

Cashinpills referral program

Building a team of publishers in this type of programs is not unusual, so also here we could not miss this opportunity. From each acquired publisher we receive additionally 5% of your earnings, that will generate. This is not the highest rate we can find in affiliate programs, but it is quite decent. Especially if we get a lot of sub-affiliates, because in this way we can build quite a good passive income. Acquiring publishers is of course done by a special reflink.