CMS – is it necessary?

In the past knowledge of html language was required to create a website. Nowadays the issue is much less complicated and to set up a website you don’t have to know the language at all. With help comes content management system or CMS. What are the most popular and why you should use them?

CMS – what is it?

CMS. Content Management System – content management system) is a software that facilitates creation of a website and its subsequent updating. Adding content and the way it is presented is done through a user-friendly interface. The use of page templates makes changing the look of the whole site limited to choosing the right theme.

Why is it worth using the CMS system?

  • Easy to use. Allows you to edit content without any IT knowledge,
  • Multiple users can make changes to the site and each user can have different permissions,
  • Adding, modifying and deleting items is done in a very simple way using buttons,
  • When writing entries, you can use text formatting buttons similar to those in Word,
  • The most popular content management systems have many plugins that allow you to increase the functionality or appearance of the site in a simple and quick way.

In principle, at the moment there are no more websites created, which would not be equipped with content management systems.

The most popular CMS

There are quite a few different CMS systems, but when it comes to popularity, basically only one counts. It is WordPress and it is used by more than half of the sites founded on CMS. So it is more popular than all the others combined and of course free. Other CMS systems used are:

  • Joomla,
  • Drupal,
  • Magento,
  • Blogger,
  • Shopify,
  • Bitrix,
  • TYPO3,
  • Squarespace,
  • PrestaShop.

Why WordPress is so popular?

  • Available in many languages (including Polish),
  • Open and free code (also for commercial use),
  • Very many free templates and plugins.

Hosted content management systems

There are also CMS available in which you do not pay for hosting. Unfortunately they have limited capabilities and do not give access to the source code. These types of companies mostly do not allow you to upload their add-ons and modify them beyond those provided. Often you will also see advertisements of the service provider on the website so it is better to opt for your own web hosting and domain.

You are planning to set up a website but don’t quite know how? See how to start a blog.

2 comments on “CMS – is it needed?”

In my opinion CMS nowadays is a salvation for people not familiar with creating and managing a website. People who own a business can create a business card for their company on the internet completely without knowing it. In the past it was not possible, you had to go to someone who can create a website from scratch. Let’s be thankful for what we have and let’s take advantage of it 🙂

CMS because of its simplicity and accessibility is a great solution for people, including me, for whom html language is black magic. I have never been able to understand it. That is why I consider CMS something very necessary. Finally I’m not dependent on anyone, I don’t have to hire other people to make the site, I just do it myself quickly and exactly the way I want. I am definitely in favor of this system.