Cashbackrabat – reviews and description of the service

Cashbackrabat belongs to an international company OrangeBuddies Media and as the name suggests it is a service which offers cashback, i.e. a refund of a part of money spent on shopping in online stores. Cashbackrabat is different from other sites of this type, because its functionality is not limited on such a phrase. We can also earn money here in many other ways. How exactly the service works and what you should know about it?

Cashbackrabat – how it works?

Cashbackrabat primarily offers cashback for online purchases in the form of CashCoins (100 CashCoins = 100 PLN). Points earned this way we can pay directly to a bank account or use them for payments in almost all stores that we find on the site.

However, before we even start collecting CashCoins, of course we need to register on the site. The whole process is very fast and efficient so it shouldn’t cause any problems. After creating an account, we just have to log on, find a store that interests us and with the green button we go to it. For purchases made in this way, we will receive the aforementioned coins.

How to earn CashCoins

In Cashbackrabat already for just registering you get 30 CashCoins, which in itself is already a big bonus. In addition to the mentioned reimbursement for purchases, we can earn also on 14 other ways:

  • filling out your profile. Unfortunately the bonus is one time only and small, but very easy to get,
  • invite a friend. For each person invited who meets certain conditions we will receive additional coins, but more about the referral system in a moment,
  • clicking on ads. Every day a new banner ad appears on the site, which we just have to press,
  • store evaluation. Reward for the opinion about online stores,
  • recommendation of promotions. Each promotion can be shared on facebook’u and Twitter in exchange for additional points,
  • gratis actions. These include e.g. subscribe to the newsletter,
  • reading e-mails. Cashbackrabat sends you daily e-mails and you get CashCoins by clicking on them,
  • filling out surveys. Share your opinion by filling in different surveys,
  • promotion of the day. More points for using the best promotions of the day with high discounts,
  • opinion. This is of course about the opinion on Cashbackrabat,
  • application. Installing the app on your phone.

Three of the above methods are so interesting that it is worth devoting a separate paragraph to them.

How to earn more by completing surveys

Paid online surveys

Although CashbackRabat allows you to earn money by filling out surveys, we must remember that this is not a typical panel. Here surveys are only an addition, so if you want to earn more on surveys you should register in other services that allow it. Among the more popular ones we can certainly include ySense, although it is just one of many survey panels.

How to earn more by clicking on ads

clicking on ads

Clicking on ads is another relatively simple way to earn money on the Internet, although not necessarily the most profitable – especially if we consider CashbackRabat. However, there are services where the number of such ads is really large and you can earn a little more.

Cashbackrabat referral program

Another option for earning, about which it is worth saying a little more, is the referral program. It is a system of inviting friends, where for each referred person who registers in the service using our reflink you will receive 20 CashCoins. However, the bonus will only be credited when the invited person:

  • will save at least 40 CashCoins. Unfortunately, the welcome bonus does not count towards the requirements,
  • make at least one purchase transaction.

In addition to the one-time bonus of 20 CashCoins, we also receive 10% of what the invited person earns – of course, without prejudice to their earnings. This type of affiliate programs can guarantee quite nice passive income if we know where and how to promote such services.

Additional possibilities to increase your Cashbackrabat balance

In CashbackRabat, besides earning points, we can also earn points in other ways. The available options are:

  • auctions. However, these are not typical online auctions, where the person who gives the most wins. These are called. Penny auctions (explanation of term below),
  • prediction of a result. The cost of participation is 4 CashCoins, but with the correct prediction of the outcome of the meeting we receive up to 200 of them,
  • contests with prizes. The name is a bit misleading, because it is actually a lottery. It is enough that we confirm our willingness to participate and we take part in the drawing of prizes presented e.g. shopping vouchers. In addition to the usual interest, sometimes we have to pay a small fee in the form of CashCoins,
  • lottery. There are two such lotteries a year (summer lottery and New Year’s lottery),
  • jackpot. It starts from the amount of 1 CashCoins and every day increases by 2. Every day the system draws a winner, who has to collect the prize on the same day. If this one picks it up, a new round of. If not, the jackpot continues. A ticket costs 1 CashCoins,
  • bingo. You buy a card, cross out 10 numbers and the system immediately checks whether you have won. We have 3 cards available, which differ in price and possible winning amount. The cost of one auction is from 1 to 4 CashCoins, and you can win from 200 to as much as 1800.

Penny auction – what is it?

From the point of view of game theory it is a lottery in which we have an infinite number of tickets and each participant can buy an unlimited number of them. The difference is that there is no draw, and the person who bought the ticket last wins. The only problem is that we do not know which ticket is the last.

In this type of action theoretically you can get a lot of valuable items for little money, but in practice not necessarily. This is because we do not know how much the other bidders will bid and it may happen that the price of the item bid is much higher than its value. Often, in such a situation, participants continue to bid to minimize the loss, because the purchased „tickets” no one will pay us back later.

An example of a service that works on such a principle is za10groszy.en .

Cashback Alertbar browser plugin

Cashbackrabat also has its own browser plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox called Cashback Alertbar. After installing it, when browsing online stores we will be informed if a given store is registered on the cashbackrabat website.en. Thanks to that we will not forget that we can get a part of money back that we spent there on shopping.

Cashbackrabat withdrawal

Time for the most enjoyable part, the payout. First of all, to withdraw the accumulated CashCoins we need to collect them at least 100. We will receive the money on a specified bank account, so it is worth to make sure beforehand, that all given data are correct. Payout is processed once every two weeks.

bank account ranking

Nowadays it is hard to imagine normal life without a bank account, so practically everyone has one. However, sticking to one institution does not bring any advantages, because new customers can count on better conditions. What’s more, by switching banks in an easy way we can earn at least a few hundred.